Avocado Express in Libertyville Serving up Food Fresh & Fast

Raul Melchor, left, the owner of Avocado Express in Libertyville prepares food along side employee Ismael Alvarez. – Tina Johansson photos

by Tina Johansson

More than a year after opening their first eatery in Waukegan, Alix and Raul Melchor of Gurnee have expanded.

Their Libertyville-based Avocado Express serving breakfast and lunch, seems to be on the right track, offering its signature “fresh fast food” for hungry diners that are finding out about the place.

Raul, who had been working at a Chicago restaurant for years, answered the call to quit his job and open the second eatery. “It’s certainly been a lot less traveling for me,” said Raul with a smile on a weekday while serving up lunch to a number of newcomers.

Mike Purvis and his son Thomas sipped on Mexican Coca-Cola’s made with pure cane sugar—a favorite for lots of folks who are always delighted to find them.

The veggie wrap with quinoa, corn relish and avocado is a favorite.
The delicious picoso wrap has chicken, avocado, tomato, cheese and a special chili ranch sauce.  All wraps and sandwiches are served with a choice of fresh fruit or fries.

“I had to pick up my son from school early, and we were headed to a store nearby and thought we’d try out the place,” said Mr. Purvis.

Their order: three beef tacos with cheese for the boy, and an avocado burger for the dad.

While the young man enjoyed his large plate of seasoned ground beef and cheese tacos, reading the menu, it says the place also offers prime rib tacos with avocado, homemade pico de gallo, and guajillo sauce—certainly a step above the norm.

Lunch aside, why not come here to start your day out right? Avocado Express has some of the best fresh-squeezed orange juice around.

There is also a chicken version of the stepped-up taco, complete with green pepper, onions, avocado sauce, queso fresco, and cilantro.

Other homemade Mexican fare includes enchiladas, tortas, quesadillas, ricos nachos. But if you’re in the mood for something else, there are big burgers, choices of paninis, fresh sandwiches, amazing salads,   and outstanding wraps. All are served with either fresh fruit or fries.

My personal favorites include the quinoa chicken salad – it’s huge and incredibly fresh with corn relish, jack and cheddar cheeses, pico de gallo and a sour cream on the side (try the lime dressing on top). The sandwich version of this salad is the Veggie Wrap, minus the chicken. But believe me, you will not miss the meat. It’s just as good, light, and fresh, and it feels like you’re doing your body good when you eat it.

We also really like the picoso wrap with chicken and chili ranch. And if you haven’t had enough turkey yet this season, try the turkey wrap, fresh and satisfying.

Avocado Express is at
Avocado Express in Libertyville opened earlier this year.

Lunch aside, why not come here to start your day out right? Avocado Express has some of the best fresh-squeezed orange juice around.

Open at 6 a.m. for breakfast, there are hearty meals with eggs, bacon, and yes, avocado with some, and there are both American and Mexican-style dishes. Also offered are breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, steel cut oats with fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt with granola, honey or berries.

Avocado Express is a nice place for breakfast, and an excellent quick lunch eatery. Prices are affordable, and the restaurant is clean and efficient.

There is pick up or delivery, and catering is available.

Avocado Express is located in a strip mall west of Milwaukee Avenue at 101 W. Rockland Road, Libertyville. Call 224.424.4406 for more information and to place an order.

The Waukegan Avocado Express is at 2632 Washington Street. 

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