Sierra Club to Announce Endorsement of Waukegan Mayoral Candidate Lisa May

Jan. 31, 10 a.m. Stiner Pavilion at Waukegan’s Lakefront

On Tuesday morning a press conference will be held announcing the endorsement for mayor of Waukegan by the Sierra Club of Illinois.

It is expected that the largest environmental organization in the state will endorse Waukegan councilmember Lisa May during the gathering which starts at 10 a.m.

On hand will be Kady McFadden, Sierra Club Illinois political director; and Octavius Hayes, Sierra Club Waukegan volunteer.

Sierra Club members are to outline their support for Ms. May. She is “the leading environmental candidate in the Waukegan mayoral election,” according to the club’s news release.

“The candidate will share her environmental vision for Waukegan and the leadership she has and will continue to demonstrate in protecting Waukegan’s lakefront and building a healthier, more prosperous, clean energy future for Waukegan.”

Stiner Pavilion is located at 201 E. Seahorse Drive in Waukegan.

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