Warren Township Resident Sounds Off On Government Spending

Dear Editor:

I am horrified by the tax and spend antics of Warren Township government. One of the most fundamental duties of government is for those within it to make responsible decisions and be judicious when it comes to spending our hard-earned money.  Career Politician Suzanne Simpson and her rubber stamping Trustees are operating with utter disregard for this ideal.

As a community, millions of our tax dollars go to fund Warren Township’s binge spending. In the latest audit report, there is page after page of frivolous spending. Examples include a photo copy machine for $36,000, $191 spent on a supervisor luncheon, $2,500 for Baker’s Square pies, $53 for valet parking, $250 for a Civil War Museum character, $325 for entertainment, $564 for a PS4 Game console, $6,800 for a cleaning service to come in. These types of extras literally fill each page!

Given that we taxpayers fund the 20-year career supervisor Suzanne Simpson’s $80k annual salary and a team of full time employees, why can they not perform the cleaning themselves? They could save on the cost of a cleaning service. Why should we pay for their lunch and be billed for frivolities such as Civil War characters?

The Board of Trustees is supposed to provide oversight. The monthly shopping spree to fund extravagant lifestyles and excess by the incumbent Warren Township board shows they are out of touch with the hard-working families of our community.

Government is supposed to be about us, not them.

Michael Dobrow,

Warren Township resident


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One thought on “Warren Township Resident Sounds Off On Government Spending

  • March 17, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Thank you Michael ! I agree completely. You have nailed it exactly. I also am sick and tired of the entitlement attitudes of these career do nothing politicians. It’s absolutely outrageous and irresponsible the way they spend other peoples money. I live there and own a business there. How do we get them out?


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