LATEST LIFESTYLES: Escape from Mars with Tanya

Tanya Abbey, front and center, with her teammates at The Escape Game in Chicago. – ©TanyaAbbey photos

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A long time ago, I learned that when opportunity knocks, go with it. You never know if you will like it, until you try it!

And that’s what I did when I was recently given the opportunity to try the latest craze sweeping Chicago and the country, The Escape Game.

I had a blast, along with my game companions, and I would highly recommend this fast growing sport.

But first, take a look at what you need to know:

  • Escape games are played with 2-10 people.
  • The rooms are based on difficulty and rated from one to ten.
  • You are placed in a locked room and they only way out are to solve puzzles.
  • You have one hour to escape.
  • Once you have decided to check this out, make sure you can handle being enclosed spaces for an hour.
  • Make sure you can handle loud noises and flashing lights.

Once you enter The Escape Game you have a guide who will play a video for you to set the tone of your mission. Our game was called Mars which was rated 8 out of 10. Our mission was to get back to Earth. Once the video is over, our guide explains us the game rules. We get three clues we can use at any time during the game. If we use a fourth clue we will be penalized with additional time added to the clock. Throughout the whole game, there is a running clock letting you know who much time you have left. Throughout the game, there will be riddles on the screen that will help you along the game. If you are lingering too long on the wrong thing there will be a riddle that pops up on the screen to point you in a different direction.

Tanya in the hallway at The Escape Game Chicago. 

The game is a lot fun and it is really a team effort. The majority of the clues require more than one person to complete the task. I had an absolute blast!

I would love to tell you that we were certified NASA rock stars, but sadly we failed the mission. If we would have had at least one more minute we were told we would have escaped. If you are looking for a fun time where you and your group can talk for hours about the one hour you spent together, this is the game for you.

And you can be sure of this: I will be back to escape again!

The Escape Game Chicago is at 42 E. Ontario Street in Chicago. Phone: 312.453.7753.

The Escape Game Chicago offers the following games:

  • The Heist
  • Prison Break
  • Gold Rush
  • Mission: Mars

To book a game, go to: .

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